We are not looking to sell.  We purchase idle and or no longer needed laboratory instruments (worldwide), offering fair funds and paying prior to any pick-up or logistics. 

Laboratory Equipment Wanted

We pay monies and recycle used lab equipment domestically and internationally and would be happy to send you an offer for your underutilized equipment.

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Many laboratories large and small are unfamiliar with the fact they are able to sell the no longer needed and or idle equipment to us and more so how such even works click here how does it work?  There are a few different steps for each company / laboratory however the outcome is the same for most part.  A company will share some images, perhaps a list of equipment and or even simply request a free lab visit (this is always best and most efficient for a laboratory and all), we compile the best cost scenario and share offer to said company, if such cost is accepted, we wire monies wire monies "before" any pickup and or logistics, (wire instructions etc. regarding financials your accounting will understand how is done and send us wire instructions etc.)

Laboratory Equipment, LCMS, GCMS, 3730XL, HPLC, sequencing, laboratory, recycle, api 4000, ABI — 3130XL, 3500, 3730 and 3730XL, Agilent — 6890 and 7890, Olympus — AU 400/400e, 480, 640/640e, 600/680, 800, 2700, 5400, etc., PerkinElmer — DRCe, DRC II, Elan 9000, ABI — API 4000, 5000, 5500, 6500 Triple Quad and QTRAPS, Shimadzu — Prominence Systems, Waters — Acquity Systems, Agilent — 1100, 1200, 1260 and1290, and Agilent — 5973, 5975 or 5977

We at Lab Surplus Wanted purchase surplus laboratory instruments that are in idle state and or no longer being used. We also purchase entire laboratories from small to large scale.